We have received a lot of interest in KeyWhere since our unveiling in May 2018 and wanted to share some of the questions we have had since then.

What size are the panels?

The production panels are approximately 1020mm x 680mm x 50mm (with hooks attached). They will include 120 hooks (12 rows of 10 hooks) and there will be enough space (depth) on the hooks to hold up to 3 sets of keys depending on the amount of keys per set. The distance between each hook (center to center) is 55mm and the distance between rows is 70mm.

What do they look like?


Above is a closeup indication of keys hanging on the panel as well as the latest images of our prototype. A notable design change from to prototype to production models was to make the hooks themselves double as the lights, thus eliminating issues with keys hanging down and obstructing the lights.

What will be included?

The part to be be purchased is the panel with the power supply and 120 RFID tags which will have mounting brackets included. We are also looking in to options for cabinets that will fit the panels. There will be an additional charge for the accompanying software on an ongoing monthly basis. For our first 1000 units, we are going to be selling the panels at cost.

Does it need power?

Yes, you will need to place the panel close enough to a power outlet to connect using the included power supply.

Will I need to connect this to the internet?

Yes, A WiFi connection is required to connect the cabinet so that it can interface with the software. If this is going to be an issue, please contact us and we can talk through some options.

Can I connect via an Ethernet cable?

At this stage, the only connection option we have is a wireless internet connection. If you are able to get an Ethernet cable to the location but not WiFi, there are WiFi Hotspot options that you can employ to provide a connection in WiFi dark spots.

How secure is my data?

No one can use the software without first logging in using a 2 step verification process. We take security of your data very seriously and take any and all steps to ensure the integrity and safety of the information within our systems.

What if a hook or something breaks?

While the panel and hook design is quite robust, we understand that sometimes things break and will be able to provide replacement hooks that can be replaced onsite in just a few seconds. It’s as easy as twisting the broken hook out, and inserting a new one in. If something else stops working, give us a call or email info@keywhere.com and we can assist further.

Is there a warranty on the panels?

Yes, we offer a full 3 year warranty against defects and workmanship of the panels.

Is there a minimum contract period?

For the KeyWhere software, we require a 3-month cancellation notice period in writing.

Can I purchase a cabinet that will fit the panel?

We are currently in the process of getting specifications for cabinets that will hold the panels.

Do I own the panel and can I resell it if needed?

Yes and Yes. While we would love to have you as clients well into the future, we understand that situations change and you may need to sell the panel on to someone else who might need it. The only thing to note is that the panels will only work effectively with the KeyWhere software.

Can I purchase extra RFID tags?

Yes, the tags are available to purchase at a cost of $0.27 each. There will be a minimum order and other considerations based on colour requirements however.

How many RFID tags come with a panel?

The panels will ship with 120 tags included. if you have additional requirements, please make sure to contact us with the details.

When will KeyWhere ship?

The panels will be in our hands ready to ship in 2019!

Is shipping included in the price?

No, the price listed for the panels are for the panel itself, 120 key tags and the power pack. Once we get closer to shipping the panels, we will send out invoices to all those that purchased letting them know how much shipping will be to their office for the amount of panels purchased and their location.

How do I get one?

We are doing an initial run of 1000 units. We have a Pre-Order Form that you can navigate to that will get you on the list to receive the very first panel run we produce. The best thing about this is that we are selling them at our cost price. This is only going to apply for the first 1000 units and once they are gone, we will have to re-assess demand and price accordingly. Please note that as things evolve, our costs may increase or decrease affecting the price. We will be transparent with any changes to pricing.

By the way, there is no risk to pre-ordering your panel. Should you change your mind, we will refund you. This offer stands until 14 days before we send it to you.