Problems We Are Solving With KeyWhere

Here at InspectRealEstate we enjoy solving problems. Sometimes, key management can be a BIG problem to solve. Developing our new hardware product KeyWhere, we feel like we have taken that extra step to solve more of the problems people have surrounding their key management. Let’s take a look at the top 4:

Problem 1: Key board reconciliation

This used to be a pain, having to reconcile what was in the key book to what actually existed on the board, there were also so many potential answers to the question of “where is that key”? With our electronic key panels, we can allow someone to reconcile their key cabinet with just a glance. The colours tell the story and if there are issues, a light on the panel is going to tell you what it is so you can take action and get back on track.

Problem 2: Incorrectly placed keys

We’ve all had a situation where we just KNEW a key was back on the board but when we go back to look, it just isn’t where we left it. How many times have you searched the board to find that it was there, just fallen to another hook below? KeyWhere has solved this issue by not only telling you that a key is in the wrong spot, but where the correct position is to get you back to a reconciled state in seconds.

Problem 3: Not knowing when keys have been taken without being checked out

It’s all well and good having a system that can assist with tracking your keys. Most of the time, the system falls down when a key is simply taken without anyone knowing. The way that we are solving this is that we can immediately detect when a key is removed from the panel without permission and sound an alarm. In addition to this, we can send notifications via email and SMS to a nominated person in the office letting them know that this has occurred. We think this is going to provide an excellent deterrent to this unwanted action moving forward.

Problem 4: Overly complicated return processes

While you can still check keys in using the software, there is no need. Now when you receive the keys, simply hang them up on the panel and we do the rest. The panel will tell you firstly whether or not it is in the correct position and if not, where to place it. Once it is in the correct position, it will light up green, indicating it has been checked in. The software will also register the change and complete the transaction for you to view as required. Get the keys back and hang them up. It’s as simple as that.

End to end key management

With software alone we can handle the loans in and out as well as managing the responses to overdue keys. With our hardware panel we are extending the management back to the key board to give you greater control and management of your keys. Moving into the future there is incredible potential for taking this even further and reaching beyond the office and out on the road where keys are being used via the use of GPS and other tracking methods. We understand the accurate management of keys is such an important part of your business and we want to ensure the process is as pain-free as possible.