The Colours Tell A Better Story Now

We have been thinking long and hard while developing KeyWhere as to how the colours on the panel should tell a compelling story of what to do next. The way we display those colours in either a solid, pulse or rapid flash configuration denote the urgency with which action should be taken. Below is where we have ended up:

Green Solid

Green is still good. We know that if a key is present on the panel and there are no issues or pending checkouts, we should be showing you green lights. This hasn’t changed.

Blue Solid & Blue Pulsing

Blue is a new addition to the colour selection. We are going to show this colour in two ways. Firstly, we will be pulsing this to denote keys that have been checked out but are still on the board. These are keys that are ready to be taken. Secondly, once the keys have been removed from the board, the position will light up a solid blue. This was previously green and we wanted to change this to give an immediate visual indicator of which keys were checked out.

Purple Solid

We are still happy with purple for keys that are overdue however we used to have this pulsing on the panel. We felt that we could denote this better with just a solid purple position to show you that it is checked out, but overdue in coming back. At this point automated actions would already have taken place to attempt to get this key back so there was no need for a flash or pulse demanding action.

Red Flashing

Red is still the colour of missing keys however with the introduction of an alarm when a key is removed from the panel incorrectly, we felt that it was only fitting to flash the light as well. Of all of the lights that we show, this is the one that deserves the most urgency when it comes to drawing attention.

Yellow Pulsing

Yellow is still there for when the board is thinking. It will gently pulse until it has completed.

Let us know what you think, we are always happy for feedback to make the experience better. Contact me on the details below.

Mitchell Fullelove

Product Manager
Mobile: +61 438 295 669