Unboxing the New Key Panel Prototype

It is an exciting day here at InspectRealEstate as our production level prototype has arrived ready for testing. You might be asking; “What is the difference between the production level prototype and the final product?”.

The answer to that is a combination of things. When you are prototyping a product, there are several iterations you want to go through as so many things that look great on paper and from an Engineering perspective, just don’t add up when you have the product in front of you for testing. These can be large things like the overall size of the product, down to much smaller things like how parts fit together and affix to walls or within cabinets. Questions we found ourselves asking:

  • Is the bracket strong enough?
  • Is twisting the hooks in easy enough to do?
  • Are the hooks too opaque not letting enough light through?
  • How quickly could we expect someone to get this up and running based on this design?

Overall we are incredibly happy with the results of the prototype and there are only minimal changes to make before release.  The next steps will be to gather our ideas and feedback, make the necessary changes to the designs and then lock in the changes for production.

Unboxing and Hanging