Update on the change of light position

Many that have seen the KeyWhere panel in early videos and demonstrations will have seen that the lights denoting hook positions and actions have been above the hooks themselves. When we created our first prototype, this sounded like a perfectly reasonable idea. The wonderful thing about prototyping and gathering feedback internally and externally is being able to test in as close to real working conditions as possible.

So, what did we find? When we have bulkier sets of keys, they tended to hang down and obscure the light in the row below. It isn’t practical of us to say to people that they should just have less keys, so we need to find a way to mitigate the impact of the larger sets of keys without impacting largely on the overall design.

The fix for this let us tackle a few small issues all at once providing what we think is a better experience overall. The other 2 issues that we had were that with the hooks being permanently in the panel we had risks in shipping a product that could arrive broken and the second issue was that sometimes people may not want all positions filled as they have very bulky sets of keys that take up more room than we have allowed for on the board.

What was the fix?

We decided to make the hooks removable, so they could be shipped separately, to make them of a material that can hold light and then to move the LED light to the center of the hook so that the light would shine through.

How does this help?

Besides the fact that we think it looks better overall, the visibility of the light is now much better from all angles. Being able to ship the panels with the hooks not on the panel reduces the chances of damage in transit as well as reducing box sizes. Finally, getting to opportunity to not use positions to make room for the bulkier keys can assist with the panel being more flexible overall.

Further questions?

If you want to know more or have any questions about how this could work for you, feel free to contact me:

P: 0428 957 466

E: info@keywhere.com